A blinded society in a media reality in a toxic state of sobriety” - Robby Koene

Zero Miles to Empty

The beginning

We have just released our new single On Top of the World on February 5th 2022 and have many more songs being released later this year. ZMTE will be hitting the road for their third Alaskan Summer tour!

Zero Miles to Empty is a straight-up, shaken-not-stirred, rock band currently based in Soldotna, Alaska. In October of 2018, when frontman Robert Carlson fortuitously met guitarist Martel Bird—instant musical chemistry ignited momentum that has filled up the ZMTE tank for some serious mileage.   

While playing live on a regular basis, the band has also been cranking out new material, casting their mystifying spell over new and returning fans. Rounding out the line-up is Dirk Cousy on percussion. 

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